What surveys do we offer?

RICS Level 2 Home Survey / Home Buyer Report

This service is suitable for houses, bungalows, and flats of standard construction and in reasonable condition. It’s tailored for clients seeking an affordable yet professional assessment.

A survey report format designed to reflect the condition of a traditional property that is more modern, of standard construction and not too big or complicated.

Includes many features not found in other, similarly priced surveys, such as:-

  • Clear colour coded condition ratings for quick identification of the important issues
  • Multiple photographs and diagrams, helping you understand your new home
  • A jargon-free report that avoids many of the annoying caveats and exclusions often found in home buyer reports
  • A full debrief from the surveyor who will answer any questions you may have

Building Surveys

This report is ideal for larger or older properties, especially if you’re considering significant renovations. It offers the most thorough analysis of the property’s condition, providing you with detailed insights.

Ideally suited to larger, more complex, older, extended or higher value homes.

  • All the benefits of the Home Buyer/Condition Survey, plus…
  • More comprehensive descriptions of construction and defects
  • Explanations of how to go about rectifying defects
  • Consequences of not carrying out repairs
  • Understanding potential defects that could be present

Drone Surveys

By utilizing remotely controlled drones, Horizon Surveys can offer our clients high resolution imagines and ultra-high-definition (UHD), 4K video footage of their buildings and roofs. This technology allows us to inspect areas that are typically hard to access.

The outer structure of a building can be tricky to inspect due to limited visibility and access. This can result in maintenance issues and defects cropping up unexpectedly.

To overcome these challenges, we employ advanced technology like pole cameras. However, in cases where buildings are tall or have complex roof designs, traditional methods may not suffice. That’s why we turn to drones for inspections, enabling us to reach inaccessible areas.

Our drone surveys cater to various needs, including identifying defects, conducting roof assessments, performing building surveys, assessing commercial dilapidations, and creating general schedules of condition.

Using high-quality video and photographic equipment, we capture detailed imagery in high resolution, ensuring clarity and precision.

All our surveyors are fully licensed and certified to operate drones, and we hold comprehensive insurance coverage for commercial drone surveys.

Drone work can be an addon service for any of our Reports, or carried out as a ‘standalone service’ as per the clients requirements.

For further information on how we can support you with your property needs, whether residential, commercial, or institutional, please get in touch with us.

Snagging reports - Newbuild Properties

A snagging survey identifies both minor cosmetic flaws and significant structural issues before you settle into your new home. This independent assessment can strengthen your negotiation position with the developer to ensure prompt resolution of any problems.

Landlord Condition Reports

The ‘Landlord Condition Report’ is a basic assessment of the condition of all different parts of rental property, and includes a comprehensive image gallery of any issues found. The report is carried out by RICS Professionals to the highest standard as with all of our work. 

Single Defect Reports

A ‘Single Defect Report‘ is a specialised inspection conducted by our experienced RICS surveyors to investigate and analyse a particular issue or defect within a property.

Valuations - RICS Registered Valuer

Our RICS Registered Valuers provide valuation reports for all residential properties, for purposes including, for example, purchase, rental, probate, matrimonial, and insurance.